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Security CDN builds on EdgeNext’s content delivery service and deploys security capabilities to global edge nodes. It provides customers with an integrated secure content delivery service that combines acceleration and fundamental security for their web applications.

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Product Benefits

Imagine The Amazing Result You Can Generate With EdgeNext​

Relying on EdgeNext global edge cloud network. Completed construction and deployment of 1,700+ nodes globally, including more than 100 major ISPs and telecom operators.

Protecting against CC, hotlink, and DDoS attacks. Vulnerability monitoring and scanner, combined with customized access control policies, enable multi-criteria filtering based on business scenarios.

Without modifying the existing network topology, access is achieved through the domain name. Security and acceleration capabilities are also available after gaining access.

EdgeNext provides 24/7 technical support and a sound operating security system that offers butler-style services so that customers can manage their businesses with ease.

EdgeNext Security CDN is a multi-engine architecture that is based on AI+ semantic + Intelligent rules and integrated 4.5 Tbps DDoS attacks protection capability of a single node to solve security problems such as vulnerabilities, attacks or leaks, etc.

Core Features

DDoS Protection

Create interesting visualizations out of data that will grab attention. Raise the bar on your audience-pleasing, data-driven conclusions. Learn to see the world through new eyes.

Access Control

Use Our Statistical Analysis service to understand patterns, trends, and probabilities in raw data and provide findings with practical application.

Webpage Protection

Our Modal Dataset training service helps you jumpstart creativity, boost precision, and accelerate algorithm performance. Get a training data advantage for yourself.

CC Protection

Get your hands on an abundance of ready-made models to inject creativity and efficiency into your work. Join forces, make it your own, and explore uncharted territory.


Explore a wealth of well compiled information that will enhance your research and insights. Use it as a springboard for further study and creative thought.

Application Scenarios

Security Acceleration

With Terabit-level DDoS protection capability. Security capabilities to protect against CC attacks with millions of QPS.

Provide customers with multi-dimensional acceleration and security services to ensure the security and stability of the business and enhance the system access experience.


Supporting delivery, origin switch, and network-wide delivery of the latest game version, all within seconds. Players enjoy an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Supporting API caching and customized caching strategies to effectively deal with sudden traffic surges during game promotions.


Combined with full-link HTTPS encryption and technologies against hot-linking, hijacking, and tampering to prevent issues such as ballot-stuffing, information leakage, and server anomalies, to meet the enhanced security needs of the financial industry.

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