Navigating the Post-Lumen and Stackpath CDN Landscape:

Understanding the Changing CDN Landscape

The CDN market has undergone significant changes, prompting a crucial need for providers that are stable and reliable, deeply invested in innovation, and adaptable to change. With the exit of significant players like Stackpath and Lumen CDN, businesses are looking for partners like EdgeNext, which can offer assurances of continuity, robust security, and a progressive outlook toward embracing emerging technologies to enhance performance and user experience. It’s essential to choose a CDN that not only meets present needs but is also geared for future challenges in the digital ecosystem.

Key Considerations in Choosing a CDN Partner

When selecting a CDN partner, it’s important to consider the following factors to ensure efficient and reliable content delivery for your digital needs:

Carefully evaluating these aspects will help you identify a CDN partner that aligns with your business objectives and technical requirements.

EdgeNext Content Delivery: Take your Edge to the Next Level

Leveraging a Multi CDN Strategy with EdgeNext

Leveraging a multi-CDN strategy with EdgeNext brings multiple benefits to the table, ensuring your content delivery is not just redundant but also robust and cost-effective:

  • Harmonious CDN Collaboration: EdgeNext’s network architecture is built for compatibility, working cohesively with other CDNs to guarantee constant content availability.
  • Global Reach, Local Speed: The service spreads your content across a global network, diminishing distance-related delays, and providing a local-like experience to international end users.
  • Cost-Effective Scaling: With EdgeNext, economies of scale work in your favor. A multi-CDN approach can be surprisingly affordable, with EdgeNext providing competitive rates that help keep costs in check.
  • Fortified Security Posture: A diversified approach to CDN providers, with EdgeNext included, offers a layered defense against cyber threats, ensuring your content remains secure against the evolving landscape of online threats.
  • Streamlined Management: EdgeNext offers intuitive management solutions that simplify the complexity of running a multi-CDN strategy.

By integrating EdgeNext into your multi-CDN strategy, you’re choosing a partner that enhances your content’s performance and reliability and aligns with an economical and secure online presence.

EdgeNext vs Lumen: Comprehensive CDN Solutions Compared

Global ReachExtensive with a focus on the Americas and EuropeExpansive with strategic global nodes especially in APAC, China, and MENA, catering to client needs in emerging markets
CDN PerformanceReliable enterprise-level performanceSuperior performance with low-latency delivery optimized for enterprise applications
Content FeaturesBasic streaming and cachingEnhanced caching features, adaptive live streaming, and dedicated functionalities for complex deployments
SecurityStandard DDoS protection and encryptionEnterprise-grade WAF, integrated Anti-DDoS, and advanced DNS security tailored for business
CustomizationLimited enterprise customizationHigh degree of customization and flexible R&D for any business size
ComplianceMeets GDPR, HIPAA, etc.Meets and exceeds international compliance standards
Analytics/ReportingBasic reporting and analyticsComprehensive analytics on traffic, engagement, threats data, etc.
SupportStandard enterprise-level support24/7 bilingual customer service across all regions
PricingMarket-standard ratesCompetitive rates, aiming to beat market prices

Not Just Matching – We're Beating the Price

EdgeNext promises to do more than just compete on prices – we aim to beat them. In a market that’s seen the exit of big names like Lumen and StackPath, we’re here to fill the gap with budget-friendly rates. Our pricing isn’t just about being competitive; it’s about offering top-notch CDN services that are more affordable. Switch to EdgeNext, and you’ll get a CDN solution that’s kind on your wallet without cutting corners on quality or performance. That’s how we’re changing the game in the CDN world.

Ready for Uninterrupted Service?

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Other Services


Security CDN: Provides customers with an integrated secure content delivery service that combines acceleration and fundamental security for their web applications

Anti-DDoS Protection: Leveraging a vast network of edge nodes for minimized latency and improved content caching, enhancing user experience and reducing server load.

DNS Security: Fast, secure DNS resolution management services for reliable domain name to IP address conversions, supporting diverse customer needs.


Edge Computing

Virtual Private Server: Flexible, scalable, low-latency computing across a global network of edge nodes.

Bare Metal Server: High-performance physical servers with rapid deployment and edge-based security isolation, supporting quick business growth.

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