With more than 800 million users, China has the world’s largest online population, representing more than 1 out of every 5 online users globally. Therefore, enterprises all over the world are looking to tap into the enormous potential and explosive growth of online users in China.
An ICP License is needed to serve content in mainland China, which require true business commitment in terms of legal registration and financial investment. We understand that not every company is ready or eligible to apply for the ICP License. In this case, Edgenext offers full range of alternative solutions helping companies globally to extend footprints into this growing market.The most commonly known solution is RIM delivery which ensure high availability and lower latency for end-users in China without the need of having the ICP License.

RIM Pro Solution

Website load speed is crucial anywhere in the world and especially in a mobile-centric market such as China. RIM Pro is a solution for companies that do not currently have an ICP license yet still want to deliver their content into Mainland China. With a robust network of servers strategically located in Hong Kong and Taiwan, we can effectively deliver your content to support your business requirements and provide high availability for users in China.

Upgraded from our legacy RIM solution, RIM Pro further reduces latencies and delivers optimal performance for websites hosted outside of Mainland China. Click here to download our RIM Pro product sheet.

Edgenext's Network

Future Expansion

Edgenxt’s RIM Delivery Solution is flexible and scalable, it can instantly improve your website’s loading time for Chinese users, and when your business is ready to expand into Mainland China. Edgenext has a team of bilingual professions who can assist and guide you through the ICP filing process. Once you receive the ICP License, we can seamlessly migrate your service from the RIM to our extensive network inside Mainland China and optimize your web site performance.

Other Solutions

We understand the importance of optimizing website performance in order to deliver good user experiences. With over 20 years of in country experience, Edgenext offers varies ICP alternative solutions that has been helping companies globally to extend their footprints into China. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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