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Top Phone Beauty App​ Overview

Our client is an image editing app, user information needs to be collected and uploaded to origin, so the customer has high requirements for the stability of dynamic data transmission.

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Global Delivery

Connect To 1700+ Pops around the world


Cross-country Links

Dedicated lines, CN2 and other well-performing lines solve cross-country performance issues.


Dynamic Routing Selection

Automatically find the optimal routing through nodes around the world to effectively reduce response time.


Automated Operation & Maintenance

Automatic detection/failover mechanism to achieve recovery in seconds.

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7 Million

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at Peak

Fast Play Back

Low Buffer Rate

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Pops around the world

Web Acceleration Solution

TCP Acceleration

Deliver dynamic content stably, securely, and fast

Instant Purging


high-quality PoPs around the world

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Gartner and IDC have recognized EdgeNext for its service performance and quality.

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