Dynamic acceleration Solution for Top E-Commerce in China

Case Study

Top E commerce in China Overview

Our client is China’s largest online retailer and leading e-commerce platform, providing over 470 million active customers with direct access to products ranging from electronics to fresh produce.

Mobile Dominates Orders

90% orders placed through mobile APP

Huge User Base

500 million annual active users

Core Challenges


How would EdgeNext help with their goal:

Deliver dynamic content stably, securely, and fast

Web Acceleration Solution

1,700+ global PoPs supports dynamic acceleration: reliably delivers unpredictable burst bandwidth resulting from promotional events.


EdgeNext supports top e-commerce in China HTTPS traffic and ensures service security with Anti-DDoS, WAF, and Bot management.

Patented purge

EdgeNext’s patented purge technology enables top e-commerce in China to refresh images, javascript files, and other cacheable content within milliseconds.

Why EdgeNext?

600 Billion

User Request Per day

Highest Trusted

Cloud Service Rating by CAICT Service

7 Million

Requests Per Second
at Peak

Fast Play Back

Low Buffer Rate

Free technical support

Connect with EdgeNext worldwide

Connect To


Pops around the world

Web Acceleration Solution

TCP Acceleration

Deliver dynamic content stably, securely, and fast

Instant Purging


high-quality PoPs around the world

Key Imapcts

Improved the top e-commerce user experience across China, supporting the 6/18 Sale and Double 11 events with reliable & elastic web service. EdgeNext successfully delivered over 5 PB of traffic for the 6/18 Sale. Offloaded promotional and marketing campaign web pages and media files from top e-commerce in China’s infrastructure by caching them on the EdgeNext network with over 95% cache hit rate over time.

Secured millions of customer transactions with EdgeNext’s secure platform and HTTPS delivery. Based on top e-commerce in China’s internal evaluation system, EdgeNext has the best performance compared to other well-known CDN vendors in China. EdgeNext excelled with the fastest response time, highest throughput, and highest availability.

Gartner and IDC have recognized EdgeNext for its service performance and quality. Other products: webpage acceleration, software download acceleration, application acceleration, and more.

Industry Awards:

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