How CDN Helps NFT Marketplace: Complete Guide & Hacks

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an essential tool for running a booming NFT marketplace, providing benefits such as improved security, real-time analytics, optimized streaming delivery of multimedia content, and cost savings. This guide covers properly setting up a CDN for an NFT marketplace and several hacks to maximize your CDN experience.   Introduction Non-fungible […]

CDN Encryption and Security Practices for Content Delivery in China

CDN encryption and security practices are crucial for safeguarding content delivery in China, ensuring data integrity and compliance with local regulations. Critical practices include implementing HTTPS, utilizing SSL/TLS encryption for data transit, and deploying DDoS protection measures. Given China’s unique internet landscape, marked by the Great Firewall and stringent data sovereignty laws, encryption protects data […]

What You Need to Know about ICP License

An ICP License is a permit required for businesses and individuals to host websites in China. This license serves as a means of regulating online activity within the country and ensuring that all websites adhere to Chinese laws and regulations. To establish a successful digital presence in China, obtaining an ICP License is crucial.   […]

Key Considerations for Choosing a China CDN Provider

When choosing a China CDN provider, key considerations include evaluating performance metrics like latency and uptime, ensuring compliance with China’s strict internet regulations, such as obtaining an ICP license, and assessing data security measures to protect sensitive information. Additionally, a provider’s local presence, including servers and support teams within China, can significantly impact service quality […]

The Role of CDN in iGaming: Faster, Safer, Better

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are transforming the iGaming industry by providing players with faster, safer, and better online experiences. The key benefits of implementing a CDN in the iGaming vertical include improved website performance, enhanced security measures, and increased scalability.   Introduction The iGaming industry has exploded in recent years thanks to the increasing demand […]

ML and CDN: A Synergistic Approach to Reducing Latency

Integrating Machine Learning (ML) with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) offers a synergistic approach to reducing latency, enhancing user experience by optimizing content delivery paths, and managing traffic spikes more efficiently. ML algorithms analyze patterns and predict traffic, enabling dynamic content caching and intelligent routing, crucial to minimizing delays. This fusion of ML and CDN improves […]

The Synergy of AI and CDN in Managing Internet Traffic

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and CDN (Content Delivery Network) together create a powerful synergy that can effectively manage internet traffic. Using AI’s predictive capabilities, CDN can pre-load data to the servers closest to the user’s location, reducing loading times and improving overall performance. This dynamic pairing also helps to reduce network congestion by distributing traffic among […]

How CN2 is Shaping the Future of E-Learning and Online Education in China

CN2, China Telecom’s Next Generation Carrier Network, is significantly shaping the future of e-learning and online education in China by providing a high-speed, reliable internet backbone. Its advanced infrastructure enhances connectivity and reduces latency, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted access to educational resources and virtual classrooms. CN2’s widespread coverage and optimized routing capabilities enable educators and […]

Navigating the Great Firewall with China Telecom’s CN2

The Great Firewall of China is a popular term for the strict internet censorship and surveillance in China. However, using China Telecom’s CN2, navigating this firewall becomes more accessible and faster. With advanced routing techniques and global connectivity, CN2 provides a reliable solution for businesses and individuals looking to access online content in China. Introduction […]

What is the difference between TCP/IP and UDP?

The main difference between Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is that TCP is a connection-oriented protocol, and UDP is a connectionless protocol. Both protocols are used to send data over the network, but they do so in different ways. TCP establishes a connection between two nodes before sending the data, while […]

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